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Gallery (AC Game)

     Want to know what it’s like to fly a navy jet? Well, get ready to pilot a selection of military aircrafts, and takeoff or land on an aircraft carrier like you’ve never done before!  With realistic game graphics, user-friendly airplane controls, and corresponding animations with elaborate cut scenes, you can now have a comprehensive simulated flight experience.

Choose from 4 different aircrafts, designed to match the latest generation of real world navy jets.

Think you can be a Captain, or maybe even a General? Complete training missions and work your way up in navy ranks, starting from Leiutenant and working your way up to General as you accumulate flight experience.

Enjoy an appetizer menu of animation and visual effects before diving into the main flight: lift your jet from the hangar bay with the deck-edge elevator; gain velocity with the jet blast deflector and ski-jump into an angled take-off, just like a real navy jet!

Guide your plane from runway to take-off and landing, with right and left foot pedals that work like real flight control systems, for smooth navigation and added horizontal control. And don’t forget to refuel your jet in the air with the challenging aerial refuel task.

Complete your first mission and start working your way up to the highest navy rank today!



Gallery (HOM Game)

Hack and slash your way through hordes of enemies in Heroes of Mythology. Purchase upgrades for your Hero along the way, and place battle items strategically to help you take down challenging foes.


Choose between:

Achilles - Hero of the Trojan War. A fighter with high agility and wide attack range.

Hercules - A half god, half mortal warrior who wins battles with extraordinary strength and vitality.


Enjoy great visuals and seamless combat. Familiar yourself with battle items on Normal Mode, and challenge yourself on Legendary Mode.  Be the last one standing!